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Resurfaced concrete pool deck
Welcome to Pool Decks of Palm Harbor

Palm Harbor's Premier Pool Deck Resurfacing Company

Your swimming pool deck is the eye-catching part of your home, but it needs to be kept in good condition to maintain its value in terms of longevity, integrity, and safety. That's where we come in - our pool deck resurfacing specialists are experienced in restoring decks to their former glory.

From concrete resurfacing to seal coating, we have a range of options that will give your pool deck the perfect look and long-lasting protection. Contact us today to get started!

Our Services

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Concrete resurfacing

Concrete Resurfacing

Restore the beauty of your concrete deck surface

Stained concrete

Stained Concrete

Unrivaled aesthetics with comfort underfoot

Stamped concrete

Stamped Concrete

A classic deck surface that looks stunning

Restored concrete pool deck

Concrete Restoration

Repair and revive your old decking - call for info

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Concrete Resurfacings


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We bought an old home built in the 60s that had a really ugly old pool. Pool Decks of Palm Harbor came and brought it back to life!

Kevin Thompson



Absolute pleasure to work with Mike and the team at Pool Decks of Palm Harbor. They applied cool deck at a lot of our properties and it stands up great.

Mark Evans



My husband and I got an estimate from these guys and they didn't disappoint. Their pricing is good and their service is outstanding. Recommend!

Jenny Robertson


Pool Deck Resurfacing Specialists

Modern concrete pool deck

Get a new look for your pool deck

Having an impressive looking pool deck is what all homeowners crave, and it deserves the best care possible. You want it to look good, and you want it to feel good under your bare feet - and without the DIY. That's where Pool Decks of Palm Harbor comes in. Leave your trowel in the shed; we use the latest resurfacing techniques and materials to give your concrete pool deck a durable finish that looks great and lasts. Our team is highly skilled in creating a professional design that perfectly matches your home's style. So don't wait any longer - call us today and schedule a consultation!


We have a wide range of options available, from concrete resurfacing and cool deck coating to concrete staining and recoloring, stamped concrete and more, so you can find the perfect choice for your home or business. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Our process

If you're looking for a pool deck resurfacing service that uses the latest technologies and equipment, look no further than our team. We offer a safe and professional process that leaves your pool deck completely clean and restored - without any dirt, dust or cracks! Get in touch today to schedule a free consultation.

The finished product

Our pool deck resurfacing process is the perfect way to update the look and feel of your entertaining space. Our team of experts uses the latest technologies and equipment to achieve a flawless finish every time, no matter how big or small the project may be. You can be confident in our work - we have a reputation for quality and customer service that is second to none. Let us help you get the pool deck you always wanted!

Our installation process

Depending on a number of variables, our average installation process takes around one to two days, and you'll see a noticeable difference in your pool deck after it's completed. We take great care in everything from surface preparation to application and dirt and debris disposal, so you don't have to worry about any mess.

In addition to our top-notch customer service, you can expect your completed pool deck to look amazing. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the difference our installation process can make in your life.

Why choose Pool Decks of Palm Harbor?

We have years of experience in the field, and our team is equipped with the expertise and equipment to get your deck looking brand new again - fast! Plus, our prices are unbeatable. Don't wait, call us today to schedule a consultation!

Expertise in the resurfacing industry

If your pool deck is looking a little dated and tired, it's time to give Pool Decks of Palm Harbor a call. We have years of experience in the resurfacing industry, and we use the latest technologies and equipment to get the job done right, every time. You can trust us to take care of your pool deck - it will look better than ever before!

State-of-the-art equipment

Our team of experts use the latest and most advanced equipment to resurface your pool deck. From concrete grinding and etching tools all the way through to application technologies and cleaning equipment, we promise that you will be 100% satisfied with the results - no questions asked.

Commitment to customer satisfaction

Our team of skilled professionals takes care of everything for you. From scheduling the work to making sure it's done correctly and on time, we promise that you'll be happy with the end result. Our dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in the high level of quality standards we maintain at all times. We understand that redoing a concrete pool deck isn't a one-time event - it's an ongoing relationship your pool needs maintenance every few years or so. That's why we make sure to keep our prices competitive while still guaranteeing excellent results!

Variety of services and products available

There's no doubt that thhe pool deck resurfacing services we offer are of high quality and perfect for restoring any deck to its original condition. Cool deck, Sundek, you name it. We offer a variety of decorative options such as staining, seal coating, and more. So if you're looking for something specific - don't hesitate to reach out and we'd be happy to help you out in whatever way possible.

Resurfacing vs applying other materials

Time to update your pool deck or patio? Not sure what the best option is? We offer resurfacing services that are less expensive than applying other materials, and will give your deck or patio a new look that you'll love. Our team can resurface your deck or patio in as little as one day, and the end result will be a cool and refreshing surface that's perfect for all your outdoor entertaining.


When compared with other deck materials such as brick pavers, travertine, flagstone, bluestone, etc., recoating your existing concrete is the most cost-effective option. If you want a little more flexibility and customizability in terms of design, tile or stamped concrete may be a better choice. A sealant or coating may also required for both types of materials to give them long-lasting protection (call for more info). Otherwise, the benefits of concrete resurfacing outweigh the few drawbacks.

Resurfaced concrete pool deck

Add value to your property

Palm Harbor's pool deck resurfacing is an innovative and value-added service that can improve the look of your property. We use the latest technology and materials to get your deck looking new again, without having to tear it down and rebuild from scratch. This undoubtedly adds value to your home as the pool deck and outdoor space will be given a significant face lift.


If you're looking to make your pool deck look its best, we offer a wide range of design options that will make your pool deck look beautiful and stylish. From sleek and modern to something more traditional, you'll find the perfect design for your pool deck here. Plus, with a variety of colors, textures, and designs to choose from, as well as custom colors, your pool deck will be the envy of the neighborhood.

What to consider when designing a pool deck

When designing a pool deck surface, it is important to consider both the functional and aesthetic requirements of the space. The substrate may be dirt or a concrete overlay, which is essential to take into account when applying the top surface. It is also important to note the local weather conditions for factors such as drainage and erosion, as well as any areas that might require extra attention. Other factors such as slip resistance, heat resistance and wearability are also essential points. If you live in Palm Harbor or the surrounding area, you can always consult with our team of experts who will help create a deck that meets your specific needs and exceed your expectations.

The importance of color and texture when designing a pool deck

Color and texture are two important factors that should not be underestimated in pool deck design. By taking these into account during the design process, you'll end up with a deck that looks great and feels just the way you want it to. Keep in mind the type of feel you're going for - is your goal soft or formal? Do colors clash or work together harmoniously? The key is to experiment until you find a look and feel that perfectly suits your needs. No matter what, always make sure everything stays watertight!

Concrete staining/recoloring

Contact us today for a consultation on our concrete pool deck resurfacing services! We use the latest technologies and equipment to get the job done properly and quickly, so you can be sure that your deck will look great once we are done. Palm Harbor's premier pool deck resurfacing company can help with concrete staining or recoloring - call us today to schedule a consultation!

Concrete engraving

If you're looking for an extra touch of class and style to your property, concrete engraving is the perfect solution. With a variety of designs and themes to choose from, our team of experts can help you get the look that you desire. You can even opt for a design that commemorates a special event or celebrates one of your favorite memories! Palm Harbor's concrete engraving process is quick and easy - so there's no need to worry about any delays. Plus, our team ensures that each sealer receives the highest standard of training in order to deliver optimal results every time. So why wait? Contact us today and let us help you make your home just how you want it!

Stamped concrete/decorative concrete

Stamped concrete is a resurfacing solution that is perfect for any concrete surface. Its durability and the ability to customize it make it ideal for external use as a standalone surface or as part of a wider landscaping project. What's more, it requires no additional concrete coating to be effective.


Keeping your pool deck looking its best is essential for both your pleasure and safety. Our premier concrete coating service provides lasting results and great value. We use the latest technology and equipment to resurface your deck quickly and efficiently, and our experienced professionals are always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Paver walkway

Cleaning your pool deck coating

Cleaning and removing dirt, stains, and debris from your newly resurfaced pool deck is essential for long-term maintenance. Use a broom to sweep the surface and use a vacuum cleaner to remove any large pieces of debris. Any difficult stains or dirt can be removed with a regular pressure washer.

Repairs and restoration

When it comes to pool repairs and restoration, Palm Harbor is the company to call. Our team of skilled professionals are experienced in this field and know just how to restore your deck - no matter what the damage.

We use the latest techniques and equipment, ensuring that every pool deck surface repair or restoration is done correctly. We also take pride in our workmanship - so you can be assured that your property will look amazing once we're finished.

Contact your local contractor today for a free consultation!


How often should I resurface my pool deck?

When it comes to updating your pool deck surface, the answer depends on a few factors including the condition of the deck, how frequently it is used, and the climatic conditions where the deck is located. The general guideline is to resurface a pool deck every 4-5 years, but a well-applied surface can last a decade or longer. When planning your pool deck resurfacing project, always consult with a professional local contractor like Pool Decks of Palm Harbor.

Why is my pool deck cracking?

One of the common reasons why pool decks are cracking is because of pool refinishing. Pool refinishing is a process where the surface of the pool deck is repaired, resurfaced, and restored to its original condition. This process is used to make the surface waterproof, durable, and resistant to staining. The goal of pool refinishing is to make the surface look new again and restore any faded or damaged areas on the surface of your pool deck. However, many contractors proceed to resurface a pool deck without addressing the underlying issues that are causing the cracking, which can be numerous. If these are not remedied first, the cracks will inevitably reappear over time. Pool Decks of Palm Harbor will perform a full analysis and repair any underlying cracks before restoring and protecting your pool deck in the most effective and sustainable way possible.

How do you fix sinking concrete around your pool?

When your encounter sinking concrete around your pool, it is important to get professional help as the repair can be difficult and expensive. Pool Decks of Palm Harbor will perform a detailed analysis of the issue and correct it before proceeding to refinish the surface. Contact us for more information.

How long does resurfacing take?

A typical pool resurfacing process takes around 7 to 8 hours, depending on several factors such as job size, surface type, condition, etc. All the work is done while the pool is still in use, so there's no need to close it down for a long time.

Do I need to seal a newly resurfaced pool deck?

You don't need to seal a newly resurfaced pool deck. While sealants can be effective for e.g. brick pavers, our slip-resistant concrete patio refinishing products are strong enough to prevent dirt and from penetrating into the surface.

What are the benefits of resurfacing my pool deck vs other surfaces?

Pool decks can last for many years if they are resurfaced periodically. There are a number of ways to finish a pool deck, but concrete resurfacing is the most cost-effective and long lasting option. The benefits of resurfacing include: increased lifespan of your deck, excellent aesthetic appearance, excellent wear- and slip-resistance, and no need for painting or sealant applications. When you choose to resurface your pool deck, our team will work with you to choose the best method for your specific needs.

How much does a typical pool deck resurfacing project cost?

The cost of a typical pool deck resurfacing project varies greatly depending on multiple factors such as the size of the project, the condition of the existing deck, location of the project, and additional features or customizations. Please contact us for a free estimate on your specific project.

Can I schedule a free estimate for my pool deck resurfacing project?

Absolutely! Our expert pool deck resurfacing team would be more than happy to come and give you a free estimate for your project. We're here to help you every step of the way, so don't hesitate to contact us at any time during business hours. We look forward to helping you make your pool deck project a success!

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